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CRS Challenge

National Scoring

Elite Applications Required

All elite athletes will have to fill out an Elite Athlete application, online, on the Elite page for each CRS race. Applications will have to be complete, including all details such as DOB, addresses, contact emails, phone numbers and citizenship status. Elite Applications will close, firmly, 30 days prior to race day.

You must be "Canadian" in order to score CRS points or collect "Canadian Bonus" prize money. For CRS, "Canadian" is defined as: Citizens; Landed immigrants; and Refugees with official status who have been domiciled in Canada for at least one year (proof may be required).

NOTE: If you are a Pacer, you are NOT eligible for prize monies OR CRS points.

The top 10 open and masters male and female runners in the scoring events will receive and collect points based on their placement:

1st=30 pts 6th=10 pts
2nd=26 pts 7th=8 pts
3rd=22 pts 8th=6 pts
4th=18 pts 9th=4 pts
5th=14 pts 10th=2 pts

Each event scores according to the multiplier below:

Modo Spring Run-Off Vancouver 8K 1.5x
Harry's Spring Run-Off 8K Toronto 1x
Toronto Yonge Street 10k 2x
Banque Scotia 21k de Montréal / Scotiabank Montreal 21k 1.5x
Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon 1.5x
Oasis ZooRun 10k 1x
Vancouver Eastside 10k 2x
Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon 2x
Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half-Marathon 1x

Example: If you finished 2nd overall Female in the Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon you would receive 39 points; 2nd overall Female in Harry's Spring Run-Off 8k in Toronto would receive 26 points.

TIE BREAKING RULES are as follows. If individuals are tied on points after their best 3 performances, head-to-head competition will determine 1st vs. 2nd, etc. In the event that this does not break the tie, the Mercier Scoring Tables (for comparative performances) will be used to score the individuals' best 3 performances and the combined points total winner will be declared the winner.

To compete in the Open category you must be a Canadian Citizen, Landed Immigrant or have Canadian refugee status.