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Take a Hike is a full-time alternative education program that engages at-risk youth through a unique combination of adventure-based learning, academics, therapy, and community involvement.

Take a Hike

Not every student fits into the mainstream school system. Since 2000, a small group of dedicated and passionate staff have been empowering at-risk senior-high students to turn their lives around. The program includes teachers, youth and family workers, clinical therapists and adventure-based-learning specialists. The Take a Hike program provides an opportunity for students in grades 10 through 12, who don't fit into the traditional classroom environment, to graduate, repair relationships with their family and better understand their own strengths and weaknesses. Many students accepted into Take a Hike have already dropped out of one or more alternative education programs. They may have experienced situations including abuse, family addictions, extreme poverty, hunger and violence. Take a Hike may be their last chance, and it's a chance they deserve.

Funds raised by the Modo Spring Run-Off will be used to support the therapeutic aspects of Take a Hike. Program therapists provide youth with individual, group, and family counselling in both outdoor and office settings. The therapists aim to change the negative impact the past has on the present, become a better choice maker, increase self-esteem and accept and take responsibility for their own actions.

Take a Hike

Take a Hike's average annual completion rates are more than 80%. Also, life-skills tests show that Take a Hike helps students improve their self-esteem, connection to the school, communication skills, management of stress, and social skills. Students are not only graduating from high school, they are going on to professional trades programs and post-secondary school. The results are real, and you can help.

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Take a Hike

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